Benefits, Cons, Risks of Dan Hollings The Plan Phase 1 Online Cryptocurrency Course | Beginner Crypto Student Use Report

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This is my unsolicited impression of Dan Hollings The Plan crypto trading strategy online course; Phase 1.

This review is written for those of you who have already decided that the crypto space is of interest and would like to invest and make money.  I am not here to educate you on crypto basics.  There are many courses out there that will do that well.  Search the web and I am sure many can be found.  Also, please note that The Plan is not a get-rich-quick course.  If that is the type of course for which you are looking, don’t bother reading any further since your goals will not be aligned with Mr. Hollings’.

Why Take the Time to Write a Report/Review?

My name is Michael Chang-Fong (aka Crypto Navigator).  I share crypto space news and information via a site called  First of all, I am not a known, successful, Bitcoin investor/trader or a self-proclaimed one.  I am an unknown; a person that you have absolutely no reason to trust.  I am sharing my experience and opinion on the course because I was overwhelmingly impressed.  I am always interested in the honest opinions of others when I am looking to buy/learn.  I do not normally take the time to write reviews.  However, if I come across something that is great, I will let tell my friends.  I usually do not go further than that.

The course execution and implementation results impelled me to share my thoughts and experiences.  Now, as it turns out, shortly after I started writing this article Rapid Crush provided information on how I could become an affiliate and promote the course.  I took Rapid Crush up on the offer because any money made by me as a result of being an affiliate could be used to scale up my crypto investments using the strategy of The Plan.  In the spirit of full disclosure, if you enroll in The Plan via my link, I’ll receive a commission. That’s now another reason why I am taking the time to share my experiences with The Plan. I can only recommend programs that I’ve personally used to create real results in my own business/personal life, and The Plan is definitely at the top of my list!

My disclaimer…the following are my experiences and results.  There is absolutely no way that I can even suggest that you will experience the same or similar results.  Furthermore, this review is based on The Plan Phase 1 course I took in December 2021.  I have no idea if Mr. Hollings will change any part of the course in the future.  Given what I have seen, if he does make changes, they would most likely be for the better.

Also, I am not trying to influence your decision one way or the other.  But, if there were some way that we could all absolutely know, from each other, which products, services and vendors to trust, life would be so much better and easier.

Read on, if you wish…

Why I Signed Up for The Plan Phase 1

I am much like many people; looking to make life easier financially.  I started hearing more and more about crypto and its potential; became interested and started investigating.  I happened to be in the right place at the right time and was introduced to the course by a fellow who is somewhat of a mover and a shaker, and, who was allowed to promote The Plan for Dan Hollings and Rapid Crush.

There was the customary sales pitch webinar where Mr. Hollings teased The Plan.  I was intrigued by what I heard and was immensely skeptical since I have been burnt many times in the past.  I put on my logic hat and brought in much of what I had learnt in the past about Futures trading to help make a decision.  Note that The Plan is not about trading in Futures.

I decided to take the plunge because it was said to be methodical and a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) had to be signed.  I figured Mr. Hollings must have something worthy to share if he is employing the use of an NDA.  It could have just been an ingenious marketing strategy that worked on me.

Now I was committed and had to take the course to see if it met my criteria.

My Online Trading Course Criteria

My criteria for any online money-making course are (in no particular order):

  1. Easy to understand;
  2. Not complicated to maintain;
  3. Not time intensive to implement and maintain;
  4. Not expensive;
  5. Stable and useable for the long-term;
  6. Safe (minimal risk); and
  7. Scalable.

The Plan met all but one of my criteria.  The Plan is expensive for the average person.  The cost of the course and the cost to get started is a drop in the bucket for the wealthy.  It is/can be a significant amount of money for those of us who are not wealthy.  However, because of my situation, I took the plunge and implemented what I learned from Dan Holling’s and made the cost of my course back.  And, I did this in the crypto Bear market of 2021/2022.  I’ll state in another way…I made money when the market was tanking (falling) and most people were losing money.

Why Invest In Crypto?

The desire to invest in crypto is a personal decision.  I expect that since you are reading this article, you have made the decision that it is beneficial to invest in the crypto market space. 

Cryptocurrency isn’t going anywhere (as I’m sure you’ve realized).  According to Yahoo Finance, the global cryptocurrency industry is set to cross 32.4 trillion by 2027.

Check out this report that discusses how you can benefit (profit) from the crypto industry.

“How to ‘Wiggle’ Your Way to Passive Profit with Crypto …Minute by Minute”…

It shares an entirely NEW way to get involved with, and profit from cryptocurrency.  It’s a good simple read that dissects a different way to look at crypto in 2022; even if you’re tech-challenged and clueless about crypto.  It’s worth the read.

I mean, using trading bots to do the work for you after only about 15 minutes of setup time was/is right up my alley.  And, you can have multiple bots working on different currencies to provide diversity and provide a more consistent income potential.

Also, I will say that, in my opinion, crypto, the blockchain, will not be going away.  It is being adopted by more and more institutions every day; hyper-adoption is coming soon.  We are still in the early stages and it seems to be a good time to get onboard.

Who Created The Plan?

Dan Hollings, as you already know, is the creator of The Plan.  Who is Dan Hollings?  I don’t really care much about his background and biography and I mean no disrespect to Mr. Hollings.  I know, and I think all you need to know, is that he is a successful individual who made wealth in other industries.  He is adaptable, resourceful, tenacious and smart, as seen from his successful foray into crypto.  Furthermore, and I have no personal experience with Mr. Hollings, he seems, from his live training, to be very genuine, down-to-earth and concerned with helping others.  I find that to be very important. Do your own research if you need to know more about Dan Hollings.

What You Need To Know About The Plan Phase 1

Now for what you want know.  First off, I am not going into details about the course.  If how the course is laid out is a deciding factor for whether or not you participate, then we are on different pages.  I am just going to hit the highlights, once again, based on me.

Forget What You Know/Think You Know About Crypto

You need to leave any preconceived ideas/knowledge you have about crypto and trading ‘at the door’ and just come with trust and be prepared to learn.  This course is simple.  It is designed for the all types of traders; beginner, intermediate, and expert.  Dan Hollings will give you primarily, only the information you need to know to effectively implement The Plan and succeed.  He sometimes provides additional information.

Dan Hollings is a Great Instructor

The Plan Phase 1 course has been the only course in which I have participated in where the instructor instructed well past the allotted time; a couple hours at one point I think.  Dan Hollings can speak and will speak a lot!  That being said, his course has been the only course in which I have participated where 95% or more of the information was relevant; topically related and useful.  Impressive!

PROS – The Benefits of The Plan

As I stated before The Plan met all of my personal criteria.

  • Simple – the strategy is pretty easy to understand even as a beginner.  Mr. Hollings for the most part, provides only the information needed to understand and execute The Plan.  He does not overwhelm you with information that is not relevant;
  • Easy to learn – simple does not always mean easy to learn.  Pay attention and trust that he is teaching at the correct pace and you’ll be fine.  Ask questions if you do not understand.  Mr. Hollings and his team are more than happy to help;
  • Easy to use – the software used by The Plan is remarkably easy to use.  Set it up and forget it; pretty much;
  • Engaging – I found the entire Phase I course to be interesting.  I wanted to understand and implement.  It all made sense and I was excited to put it into practice;
  • Visual – Instruction includes live demonstrations of The Plan using a real cryptocurrency exchange.  You can see the methodology in action using step-by-step instructions;
  • Each lesson is recorded.  Obviously, if you didn’t quite understand something, you can go back through it at your own pace.  I recommend watching the videos (lessons) a few time to make sure you understand;
  • There is a demo account that you can use to practice before committing your own money.  How great is that!  It is not unique, but it is incredibly helpful;
  • Updates based on market activity and new understandings are provided periodically.  Dan Hollings seems to genuinely want to help his students succeed ; and
  • Fast, knowledgeable customer support.

CONS – The Downside of The Plan

  • The course is expensive to buy.  It will set you back a few coins.  However, I made my course money back in the crypto Bear market.  My portfolio value was down like everyone else’s.  However, unlike most of those who do not use The Plan, I made a profit; and
  • Implementing the strategy is expensive.  To get the most out of The Plan, you need to invest.  The investment will be worth it in my opinion.

The Plan Customer Support Provided by Rapid Crush and Dan Hollings

Rapid Crush does an excellent job supporting customers of The Plan; before, during and after the course.  They are responsive and knowledgeable.  They talk the talk and walk the walk; for real!  I have sought help from them several times and have been very pleased with the results each time.

As stated before, on-going updates from Dan and his team are provided when Dan feels it would be beneficial to his students by adding value (profitable) to customers of The Plan.

Is The Plan Phase 1 Worth it?

Based on my experience, The Plan is definitely worth it.  But, you need to be made for The Plan or at least want to change so that you can use it.  If you want to consistently take small profits out the crypto market and build wealth over the long-term, then The Plan is for you.  If you are more interested in gambling and hoping you time the markets just right and make news-worthy, story-telling profits, then find another course that teaches that type of investment.

It boils down to you taking a leap of faith…believing what I wrote and going for it.  I took that leap and I am glad I did!  I also found that one needs to be at that point in their life, or in that position where it is absolutely necessary to act to achieve what they want.  I was, I did and I am on my way.

Click the link below.  Check out the report, sign up of the explanation webinar, and, if you feel that it might help you achieve your goals, and, if you believe what I have written, take the course.  I am positive that you will not be disappointed.

Click Here To Download The ‘22 Crypto Report

As for me, I am not independently wealthy yet.  However, I will say this again, I invested in cryptocurrency and implemented the teachings of The Plan during the 2022 cryptocurrency Bear market and made a profit!  Below is a picture of my results as of early April 2022.

The value of my portfolio, like everyone else’s, dropped by $2200.  But, I still continued to make money; $3898 of in my account profit.  How good is that!  When the Bull market comes…look out!!

Update October 2022

Well this crypto Bear market has been trying to say the least. Many have lost money and all have had the value of their investments drop significantly. I am no different. My portfolio’s value dropped to -56% and my profit dropped slightly to $3,670. I have a long-term outlook and believe that the bull market is coming (cycles you know). I am still in the game and positioned to benefit from the rally. ‘The Plan’ once turned on, is always monitoring and every now and then (in this Bear market) it takes small profits when available. Note that the drop in my bot profit is due to the current market value of one coin in which I am invested. It fluctuates day-to-day.

Good luck to you all.

Dan’s free webinar is on October 11, 2022 with replays available.  This article is cutting it close.  I hope it helps.

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