Celer Network March 2022 Progress | Supported Tokens, Chains, Partnerships | SGN 2.0 Staking Interface

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Celer Technology Inter-Chain Message and Cross-Chain Updates 

  • We’ve improved the Celer Inter-chain Message (Celer IM) Framework and completed the test. We are now ready for mainnet deployment!
  • We’ve implemented Celer IM-based NFT cross-chain bridging and deployed it on testnet.
  • The development of some non-evm chain cross-chain bridges is nearly complete, and a version of it has been deployed on the testnet.

Celer SGN 2.0 Release

The Celer SGN 2.0 upgrade is complete.

Celer State Guardian Network (SGN) is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain built on Tendermint, which uses the same security mechanisms of other L1 PoS blockchains like Cosmos Hub or Polygon. It serves as a message router between different blockchains, facilitating general message passing and cross-chain fund transfers. SGN 2.0 provides CELR stakers with a brand new staking interface and higher value capture. In addition to the regular PoS staking rewards, stakers will now receive transaction fee earnings captured from Celer cBridge and Celer IM-based inter-chain dApps.

cBridge Supported Chains, Tokens, Partnerships & Standards

  • Added cBridge support for several chains this month: Milkomeda, Clover Chain, EvmosOrg, and  Conflux Network.
  • cBridge’s new support for cross-chain tokens for the month of March: cBridge has successfully  implemented support for Mask Network (MASK), Mikomeda (MATIC), LiquidyProtocol (LUSD), Thales (THALES), SwayProtocol (SWAY), Metasens (MSUUCG), ReefDeFi this month (REEF), JPEGvault (JPEG), Melos Studio (MELOS), Orcus Finance (oUSD), aelinprotocol (AELIN), iZUMi Finance (iZi) , Animal Concerts (ANML).
  • cBridge Integration Partnerships: cBridge has successfully integrated support for Nabox, Metamask, SynFutures, AboardExchange, CronusFinance, Kinesis Labs, Diffusion, MyTrade this month for better blockchain interoperability.
  • Open Canonical Token Standard: cBridge has worked with SwayProtocol, aelinprotocol and Liquidity Protocol this month to help facilitate their multi-chain expansion by using the Open Canonical Token Standard.

All the chains, tokens and integrations currently supported by cBridge:

Celer Community Activities in March 2022

1. Community Data Update:
Telegram (EN): 24,364
Telegram (CN): 3,350

Twitter (EN): 111,753
Twitter (CN) 2,315

2. Marketing Activities

cBridge & AstarNetwork

On March 23, cBridge and AstarNetwork jointly launched a liquidity incentive activity. Users can participate in the activity in cBridge’s $USDC Liquidity Pool on Astar and receive $ASTR and $CELR dual rewards. Check: https://cbridge.celer.network/#/liquidity

Celer Telegram Official Community AMA

On March 4th, Celer co-founder Mo Dong held an AMA in the official English and Chinese Telegram communities of Celer. He introduced the recent positive growth of cBridge, updated the community on the current progress of Celer IM and the access of non-EVM chain and NFT bridges. Then he answered questions and engaged with community members.

For details, check: https://www.notion.so/Celer-AMA-3-4-c6b9ec5a9714460facca467aa952501a

Celer & Mystiko Network English Community AMA

On March 9th, we invited Mystiko Network to conduct an AMA with the Celer Telegram English community. Mystiko Network’s community lead introduced Mystiko Network, discussed its applications in blockchain, cross-chain bridging, wallets and dAapps in detail, and analyzed the advantages and development potential of Mystiko Network.

For details, check:  https://twitter.com/CelerNetwork/status/1501015053499203584?s=20&t=CjnLax1P9Ltv_xI88BZ6zQ

Celer Cross-Chain Series AMA- Celer & MaskNetwork

On March 17th, we invited the head of the Mask Network market – Sanshui, to conduct an AMA with the theme of “Celer Cross-Chain Series Sharing—Bridging Mask Network” on the Celer Telegram Chinese community channel. Sanshui introduced the current ecological situation of Mask Network and the future development of web3.0, shared her views on the cooperation of Celer IM and Mask Network, and had some in-depth discussions with the community members.

For details, see: https://blog-cn.celer.network/2022/03/18/ama-masknetwork/

Celer Cross-Chain Series AMA- Celer & Chainlink

On March 17th, we invited Legel, the head of the Chainlink Chinese community, to conduct an AMA with the theme of “Celer Cross-Chain Sharing—Bridging Chainlink” in the Celer Telegram Chinese community channel. Legel introduced the operating mechanism of Chainlink’s oracle machine and shared information about the cross-chain interoperability protocol that Chainlink is researching and developing. Finally, he also introduced the Chainlink 2022 Spring Hackathon.

For details, see: https://blog-cn.celer.network/2022/03/25/ama-chainlink/

Golden Finance Online Live Class

On March 18, Qi Chao, the head of Celer China, was invited to participate in the live broadcast of the “Lesson 3 of Frontier Class: The Latest Strategies and Trends of Ethereum Layer 2” hosted by Golden Academy. He introduced the origin, design ideas, state channel and characteristics, shared the sidechain expansion scheme and Rollup scheme in-depth, and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of each Layer 2 and future development trends.

Celer & JPEGvault English Community AMA

On March 30th, we invited JPEGvault community leaders Simon and Cosmos to conduct an AMA in the Celer Telegram English community channel. They introduced JPEGvault and its operation mechanism, shared the characteristics and development potential of NFT in detail, and also detailed their views on web 3.0.

For details, see: https://twitter.com/CelerNetwork/status/1508504195858542593

BNBChain Revelation Hackathon

This month Celer sponsored the #BNBChain Revelation Hackathon co-hosted by @BNBChain and @DoraHacks! As the co-owner of the Innovative Infra track, we held a workshop themed “Building One-Click UX Multi-Chain dApps with Celer Inter-Chain Messaging SDK” at 22:00 on March 28, and are offering bounty programs with a total of $25,000 in rewards!

For details of the Bounty project: https://blog.celer.network/2022/03/27/celer-at-revelation-hackathon-25000-bounty-program/

For details of our workshop: https://www.binance.com/en/live/video?roomId=2101642

Contact with Celer Network for the Hackathon: 
Celer TG EN:  https://t.me/celernetwork
Celer TG CN: https://t.me/celernetworkcn
Celer Discord: https://discord.com/invite/Trhab5w


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